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Club members who have items for sale are welcome to submit a picture, description and price by email (or on paper at a club night) and I will post them on this page. The intention is to offer a way of selling or exchanging tools and perhaps wood blanks, of interest to other woodturners. It is not to sell finished items to the general public, which would be too large an undertaking for a site such as this.

7 December 2017 Workshop contents for sale in Kirbymoorside - see pictures on right.

5 December 2017 Ockenden Timber are having a shop sale from the 7th to the 21st December on their usual opening times (Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays 10am – 3pm).  Discounts of up to 40% will be available on all excess stock including timber, tools, accessories and ex-display machinery. Also there is a special offer code (from Malcolm) giving 10% off all online orders placed before January 31st 2018.

1 September 2017 The club has been alerted to two lathes for sale.

Richard Lee phoned to say he has a lathe to sell for a friend. It is a Nova DVR XP c/w Stand. The asking price is £800. That's all the details he could give. If you want to contact him he lives in Bridlington and his phone no. is 07891440884d

The Cheshire Guild of Woodturners has a HEGNER HDB200 lathe For Sale due to problems with storage at the Village Hall. It has a steel stand and was purchased from Tracy Owen about 7 years ago but since has only been used about 6 times a year as demonstrators invariably bring their own lathe or can manage with a smaller Jet. Exactly what is offered with the lathe has not been established but it is our intention to put it on e-bay with a starting price of £1200. Delivery could possibly be offered within a modest distance or at extra cost further afield. If any members are interested please contact Bob Hayward on RHayw74495@aol.com who can give you more details.

Workshop sale (December 2017)
workshop sale 13 Record chisels 13 Record and 3 Sorby chisels

These items have now sold.

Dust extractor
Dust extractor

To kick things off, Steve Fearnley has a
Record Power dust extractor
for sale. £100 (£200 new)
In working order, about 7 years old. For sale simply because I replaced it with a different model.

Pick up from Thornton le Dale or on a club night at Snainton.

Record Power says:

The RSDE1 is a high filtration extractor designed to filter down to 0.5 microns to minimise the amount of harmful dust in the workshop. Particularly useful for fine dust producers such as saws or sanders. This is a compact but powerful machine ideal for workshops with limited space or budget. 1100W.


Sorby Sandmaster
Dust extractor

Another item I have replaced with an alternative, so is surplus to requirements.
Sorby Sandmaster
for sale. £15 (£40+ new)
Articulated hand held sanding disc.

Pick up from Thornton le Dale or on a club night at Snainton.

Robert Sorby says:

  • It avoids an uneven finish often associated with hand sanding and there is no danger of catching hands on the revolving project.
  • There is little or no surface damage/head build-up, as there is with power sanding and there is no cable to trip over.
  • Head articulates to access even the most difficult areas.
  • Sponge head is ideal for working in tight spaces.
  • Sandmaster creates a fraction of the dust generated by power sanding.
  • It can be adapted to take a polishing mop.