Ryedale Woodturners


Thursday 1 February 2018

Snainton Village Hall

Once again, club members, wives and friends gave demonstrations and offered hands on opportunities in a return to the walk-around and see what is on offer style of event, after more of a mini-demonstrations evening last year.

Skew chisel

Keith Harte

Keith was demonstrating the use of the skew chisel, and making lace bobbins on a midi (or even mini) lathe. As well as the tooling techniques, he had made some practical wooden collets for holding small diameters in the chuck jaws, which have wider applications.

oldfern pyrography

Steve Fearnley

Steve was demonstrating his techniques for pyrography, using a standard Peter Child machine and an adapted chisel-point hot-wire stylus. He brought a few examples along.

Spinning wool

Bertie Harte

Bertie brought along her treadle spinning wheel and examples of spinning and subsequent processes. As well as the wheel, other turned items in her collection included a couple of niddy noddys, for measuring out hanks of yarn.

Chip carving

Gordon Malan

Gordon was demonstrating the art of chip carving, often used to decorate turned pieces.

MAking walking sticks

Bob Ingram

Bob provided a glimpse of alternative woodworking skills, straightening (not bending) stems for walking-stick, and shaping and carving handles for the same. Bob is a man with many vices. His workspace looked a little cramped to me.

Hollow forms technique

John Whiteley

John was demonstrating and advising people on some of the heavier, longer tools and techniques used for deep hollowing, using the club's Nova lathe.

Chair caning

Christine Addley

Christine once again brought along her chair caning examples, work and techniques. Beautifu work from patient fingers.

Engineering for woodturning

Tony Langthorne

Tony brought along a collection of metal items made to assist woodturning, using his engineering lathe to create these. His selection included bottle stops, chucks, collets, centres and posts.

Beadwork and turning

Mrs Coe

Apologies, I don't know Phil Coe's wife's first name. She was demonstrating beadwork, which is often combined with Phil's woodturning to create small vases with beaded bands..

Some more photographs below. With thanks to Gordon Malan for sending a number of photos which have supplemented those taken by myself. Any others from other club members would be welcome.

Walking sticks

Walking sticks by Bob Ingram

Chip carving

Chip carving examples and information

Chair caning

Chair caning

Logs for sale

Logs for sale - from Frank and Malcolm

Niddy noddy

Niddy noddys

Special chucks

Trying out one of Tony's special chucks

Sue Harker bowl decorating

Walking stick handles