Ryedale Woodturners


Thursday 2 Febuary 2017

Snainton Village Hall

A new venue and new conditions dictated a different format for this evening. Rather than hands on, we had a series of short demonstrations of ideas and techniques given by club members, on the two lathes we had available. In addition we had some exhibitions mounted by club members. Quite different to February last year, but overall a success I think.

John Whiteley

John Whiteley

John was keen to encourage members to try off centre turning, and experiment with different centres on a piece. He showed the early stages of creating a vase with two necks. See the photo below.

Dave Lowe

David Lowe

Dave had brought along his Jet lathe, which allowed demonstrations to switch promptly from one to the next. Dave made a tea light holder, using the piece to demonstrate some finishing techniques and the different techniques involved along the way.

Steve Fearnley

Steve Fearnley

Steve showed how he turns acorn keyrings. The method is based on a readily available key ring kit, which is similar to a pen kit - a metal tube (cut to size) , with studs to fit at each end. The acorn is turned on a pen mandrel, and finished with a pyrography pen to give the stippled effect on the acorn cup.

Tony Langthorne

Tony Langthorne

Tony demonstrated various techniques using accessories for turning that he had made. He started with boring a hole through a piece using his ownboring tool.

Gordon Malan

Gordon Malan

Gordon gave a demonstration designed to encourage people to try and use the skew chisel, insisting (and showing) that the tool need not be as terrifying as its reputation suggests.

Some more photographs below. With thanks to Gordon Malan for sending a number of photos which have supplemented those taken by myself. Any others from other club members would be welcome.

Acorn keyrings

Small acorn keyrings

Off centre blank

John Whiteley's blank for off centre turning

John Whiteley

John Whiteley.

Turning items for sale

Items for sale - see Dave Lowe


Turning an acorn keyring on a mandrel.

Tassels and bobbins

Items brought along by Terry Taylor

Tony Langthorne

Tony with demonstration items

Acorn blank

Keyring blank with tube inserted

Brian Wrigglesworth's turning

Exhibition pieces turned by Brian Wrigglesworth

Tony Langthorne

Tony Langthorne

Turned wooden flower heads

Gordon Malan with skews - I don't think he used two at a time


A vase by Andrew Morby Smith.

Turning extras

Items brought along by Tony Langthorne

Acorn trophy

An acorn trophy made by Steve Fearnley

Chair caning

Christine showing some of her chair caning work to Malcolm

Beading with a skew

Beading with a skew chisel

Lidded vase in yew

A lidded yew vase by Andrew Morby Smith

Tony Langthorne

Tony Langthorne in action

Andrew Morby Smith

Andrew Morby Smith with one of his pieces

Dave Lowe

Dave Lowe

Tea light holder

Dave Lowe's tea light holder in progress

Tea light holder

Tea light holder

Double neck vase

Double necked vase