Ryedale Woodturners


Thursday 3 August 2017

at Snainton Village Hall

Brief notes from memory are given below. A more detailed description was emailed by new chairman Keith Harte

Around 25 members gathered for the AGM. Gordon Malan read the minutes of the last meeting, and conducted affairs up until the point where new chairman, Keith Harte, took over. Bob Ingram explained our finances, and raised the question of whether the monthly attendance fee of £3 should be raised, and/or the annual £25 memberbership fee. We were in deficit in year, due to the additional costs incurred in moving premises and buying the necessary equipment to continue demonstrations.

Secretary, Malcolm Dayson, then summarised the past year’s demonstrations. He had made tentative arrangements with demonstrators for the coming year, though there was some uncertainty due to illness, and the first Thursday in January was very close to New Year, so nothing had as yet been booked.

Lynn Hodgson stepped down from the committee at the meeting - thanks were given for her contribution over the years. Phil Coe volunteered to join the committee. Bob Ingram said he would do one more year as treasurer, and would welcome someone to shadow him this year in anticipation of taking over next year. The current Committee is:
Keith Harte (Chairman), John Whiteley (Vice-Chairman), Bob Ingram (Treasurer), Malcolm Dayson (Secretary), Steve Fearnley (Webmaster and Publicity Officer), David Lowe, Frank Cornforth, Phil Coe, (Gordon Malan?)

It was agreed that the Club Christmas Competition would have the same categories as last year: Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced. It was agreed that the Club Christmas Party will again take place in Snainton Village Hall this year.

The Christmas party would follow the same format as recent years. Discussion of the Thornton Dale exhibition and sale took place. There was general agreement that it would be good to have another this year. John Whiteley was happy to organise this, but it would be a pre-Crhistmas show rather than any earlier, given his availability.

Show and Tell

After a tea break, club members provided an enjoyable show and tell session.

Wool holder bowl

New chairman Keith Harte started things off with a description of a bowl he made, which has a hook-shaped hole to take thread from a ball of wool. Having made one, he then had requests for another twenty from a knitting group!

Router template

The turning was straightforward, the hook was not! A few bowls were discarded after failures with the cutting. This was done with a router and router jig - difficult as it was cutting a curved surface through the template, fairly thin.

router jig Wool holding bowl

He had had a go at the Saturn box that Dick Veitch had made at the last demonstration, and brought along his version to show us.

Turned wooden whistle

Keith also brought along a whistle he had made - some experimenting had produced the correct dimensions for success.

Broken segmented bowl

And finally some pieces of a segmented bowl, with a cautionary tale about the use of expanding Cole jaws and delicate, thin bowls.

Gordon Malan told us about a recent AWGB course he had attended with Joey Richardson, and brought along a couple of thin walled, decorated and pierced items created on the day.

Broken segmented bowl Airbrushed butterfly

Bob Ingram

Bob Ingram showed us a couple of items started many years ago, and never quite finished. There was a box with a lid that didn't quite fit ...

Spalted beech salad bowl

... and he was brave enough to admit to the "hole in a bowl" that most of us have created unwittingly at some point in our development.

Malee burr

John Kershaw (I think I have got the right name?) described some bowls he had turned from wood that his sone had brought back from Australia. John Whiteley suggested malee and gum.

He also showed us a square box he had turned from another piece of exotic wood - she-oak.

She-oak box Decorations

She-oak square box Burr turning
Burr malee? Burr malee?
Coloured craft sticks

New club member Richard, from Thornton le Dale, told us about some experiments he had been doing with coloured large lollipop sticks, which he had picked up from a craft shop very cheaply. He had laminated them and turned a striped bowl. He had also made a pen from a few laminated together to make a pen blank.

Striped woodturning Strped woodturning