Ryedale Woodturners


Thursday 4 Febuary 2016

Snainton Woodturning Supplies

Once again, club members gave demonstrations and offered hands on opportunities in the third of these practical events which appear to be popular evenings. Different techniques to those on display in January last year, with a mix of some new and some repeat demonstrators.

Skew chisel

Philip Greenwood

Philip was demonstrationg and advising on the use of the skew chisel for its wide variety of applications. Andrew Morby Smith is under instruction here, rolling a bead carefully with the long end of the skew.

I thought this might be a "catchy" demonstration, but Phil turned out to be very smooth operator.

Graham Harker

Graham Harker

Graham set up an ash spindle on the lathe, and coached people in how to turn beads and coves, mainly using a finger nail spindle gouge. He also applied a little friction polish to one cove to show how the finished product might end up.

Sue Harker

Sue Harker

Sue is seen here with Jeni Bean (I think), advising on how to apply beads to bowls to add decoration.

Chip carving

Gordon Malan

Sadly I didn't get over to take a picture of Gordon demonstrating chip carving, but here is an example of a box decorated using the art.

Gordon also had a display of books and AWGB magazines for people to peruse.

Dave Lowe

Dave Lowe

Dave was looking at colouring turned items, mainly using the Buff-it range of colouring products, but also other types and techniques. Dave also opened up his workshop for members to view, and continued demonstrating on his own lathe.

Hollow forms technique

John Whiteley

John was demonstrating and advising people on some of the heavier, longer tools and techniques used for deep hollowing.

Here he is with John Aldred with a yew hollow form mounted on the lathe.

Turned wooden flowerheads

Peter Emmerson

Peter was demonstrating to people how he made fluffy-looking flower heads by turning, drilling, sawing, and colouring, and then attached these to wooden leaves and stalks to produce an impressive likeness to the real thing.

Here he is showing Lynn Hodgson how to shape and texture the flower head.

Thread chasing

Albert Kitching

Club members will know of Albert's great passion for putting a screw thread on anything round. He demonstrated the tools and techniques involved, as well as providing a number of examples.

Treadle saw bench

John Nesom

John brought along an old cast-iron treadle operated circular saw bench. The bench was made by S Tyzack and Son, Shoreditch, probably during the 19th century. It was still being operated by a joiner in Middleton, near Pickering, when John acquired it a few years ago, although it was being run by a drive belt adaptation rather than the treadle.

John sliced up a few pallet rails to show how efficient the machine remains to this day.

Some more photographs below. With thanks to Gordon Malan for sending a number of photos which have supplemented those taken by myself. Any others from other club members would be welcome.

Colouring techniques in woodturning

Demonstrations of colourng techniques by Dave Lowe

Hollowing techniques

John Whiteley hollowing

Beads and coves

Coves and beads on an ash spindle.


Colouring products used by Dave Lowe

Turned wooden flower heads

Peter shaping a flower head

Turned wooden flower heads

Flower heads coloured and fixed on stems.

Dave Lowe

Dave Lowe's demonstration

Skew chisel

An audience watching the skew chisel in action


Peter Emmerson's flower heads in embryonic form

Sue Harker bowl decorating

Sue Harker decorating a bowl

S Tyzack

Tyzack plate on the treadle saw