Ryedale Woodturners


Thursday 4 August 2016

at Snainton Woodturning Supplies

AGM report by Gordon Malan

The AGM went smoothly, and after giving apologies, the minutes from last year’s AGM were read and approved. This was followed by Gordon Malan’s Chairman’s report, which included a summary of the relationship between Snainton Woodworking Supplies and the Club , and thanks to the various Committee members for their help and support during the year. Bob Ingram’s Treasurer’s report showed a £130 surplus for the year, and the Club has a suitable cushion of banked funds;  subscriptions will remain at £25 for single membership and £33 for couples;  with the current £3 per meeting and for the raffle. This report was accepted unanimously.

Secretary, Malcolm Dayson, then summarised the past year’s demonstrations, the very successful sale and exhibition at Thornton le Dale, the Christmas Party Competitions and then next year’s demonstrators that have already been booked. Steve Fearnley’s summary of webmaster and publicity activities over the past year was read out. This was received with a vote of thanks for Steve’s excellent work and a good round of applause.

With the exception of Vince Lees, who resigned from the Committee for personal reasons, the existing Committee has agreed to continue in office. The Committee was pleased to welcome Frank Cornforth as a new member. The current Committee is:
Gordon Malan (Chairman), John Whiteley (Vice-Chairman), Bob Ingram (Treasurer), Malcolm Dayson (Secretary), Steve Fearnley (Webmaster and Publicity Officer), Lynn Hodgson (Librarian), David Lowe, Frank Cornforth.
Gordon told the meeting that the Committee membership, according to the constitution, was for two years. At least some new officers would be required to ensure continuity of the Club in 2017, and for personal reasons he would be unable to stand again next year.

It was agreed that the Club Christmas Competition would have the same categories as last year: Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced. It was agreed that the Club Christmas Party will again take place in Snainton Village Hall this year.

John Whiteley then summarised the arrangements for the sale and exhibition that will take place on 17 and 18 September 2016 at the Hill Institute, Thornton le Dale, and some dozen people have already agreed to participate. There was no other business to be discussed.

Show and Tell

Spiralled woodturning After a tea break, club members provided an enjoyable show and tell session. Brian Wrigglesworth was too modest to talk about his two prize-winning entries (first and second prizes) to the Malton, Driffield and Thornton le Dale shows, but they were placed on the table for everyone to admire his skill.

Hollowing light John Whiteley showed how cling wrapping-film can be used to secure wood to a face-plate mounted support, and the piece can then be turned quite safely at low speed. He then showed a turned hollow-form, spiral carved, in an unknown wood and asked for it to be identified: it had a beech-like bark and a grain like a palm or bamboo! He also showed a LED, encased in a resin ring, that fitted over a hollowing gouge to illuminate the inside of a vessel being hollowed and some decorative items that can be purchased to enhance one’s turnings .

Holding with cling film Decorations

Tony Langthorne Tony Langthorne gave a humorous account of his attempts to use a microwave to dry out wood (incinerated!) while he was distracted by naughty images on television! He showed a jig he has made to chase threads (similar to Simon Hope’s one), and he also showed various threaded pieces, including a vacuum-pump attachment.

Spalted beech salad bowl John Kershaw described how he had mounted and turned-off the chucking point on a beautiful, large, salad bowl he had made from spalted beech.

Treadle saw bench Another bowl in an interesting, burr-like, but unknown wood was shown by Keith Nellis

Woodturning jig David Lowe explained how he used some large jigs he has used to secure and turn bowls, either off-centre or normally, with the wood held between two large MDF boards, with various positioning holes, bolts and rubber pressure supports.

Chair legs Gordon Malan then showed a chair leg that he had made for his daughter, when the original leg with a castor on the end had collapsed. The chair leg was turned to the original design, but re-designed to lengthen the lower part of the leg and eliminate the castor. The original, modified, leg is shown on the left, with the four new approximate copies on the right, with the templates that were used shown at the front.