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Danny Woof

Danny Woof

Thursday 3 September 2015

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Danny Woof visited us from Staveley near Kendal, in Cumbria. Danny is on the RPT and is a member of Cumbria Woodturning Association

Wee Willie Winkie candle holder

Danny Woof

Danny chose to turn a candle holder based on the cup and saucer with ring handle form, using a piece, or pieces, of elm.

The cup was turned first, between centres until a spigot was formed, and then held in O'Donnell jaws.

O'Donnell jaws

I asked why these were chosen - Danny said that Axminster offered what he thought was a reasonable price on the jaws, and that they allowed easy interchange of the lips of the jaws via just four allan-keyed bolts to cope with different diameters. He demonstrated this by changing these lips during the course of the evening.





Danny Woof

The cup and stem was shaped and then hollowed out, with some care and precision, to take a metal candle holder which was screwed into place. A spigot was turned on the bottom to fit into the base of the piece. Most of the detailing and shaping was done with a light touch use of swept back grind bowl gouges, aided by a Sorby circular cutting tool. The design incorporates a flat disc below the cup, which acts to collect any wax drips.

The cup was sanded through the grits to 400, then finished whilst still on the lathe with sanding sealer applied with a rag, and then with melamine, Danny's preferred high gloss finish for most of his work.

Candle holderThe saucer was then turned. No attempt was made to align grain, as the grain ran in different directions on the bowl orientated saucer and the spindle orientated cup and stem. Again this was finished on the lathe.

The final element was a small ring to be attacehd to the rim of the saucer. Shaped carefully from the timber before parting off, the curved profile of the ring was cut into the rim of the saucer using first a hacksaw, and then a microplane. A 2mm turned wooden pin was then placed through the ring to help fasten is securely to the saucer's rim. Danny turns these himself, but was a little pressed for time on the night so used one he had turned earlier.

Hints and tips
  • Keep sanding sealer and finishes in Fairy Liquid type bottles - if they get knocked over you lose a small squirt of liquid, rather than a large pool if they were in a can.
  • If your lathe has a locking button, as the Nova has, it is worth turning off the power whenever the lock is used. This prevents you turning on the power with the lock on and unduly stressing the motor with a locked drive.