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Sue Harker

Thursday 5 November 2015

Snainton Woodturning Supplies

Sue decided on a Christmas theme, taking us through the creation of a segmented Christmas decoration.

Segmented Christmas decoration

Sue HarkerSue started by talking us through the setting up of a six-sided segmented bowl shape, similar in form to her segmented apple. Contrasting wood was used to provide a spiral design. Pieces were cut into triangles starting with a straight length of wood that had gone through the thicknesser.

Segmented wheel

This was cut in a zig-zag pattern to provide the triangles. Sue had already glued together a blank, but showed how this was stacked up on her wagon wheelproviding the correct spacing and spiral.

Segemented turning wheel The triangles are glued together using Titebond mouldings and trim wood glue (the one with the black label on it), used because it is specially formulated to work with endgrain, and it sets in about 30 minutes. Sold in the shop at Snainton.


Segmented turning"Here's one I made earlier" was obviously necessary so the piece was all glued up and ready for hollowing. A piece of sycamore was glued to the end (I think), with a chucking point ready to go.

RS 2000The inside was hollowed out using Robert Sorby's RS2000 hollowing tool. Notice in the picture the end of the tool handle just cradling under Sue's wrist, and tucked in to her body to give support - particularly necessary because the timber is not solid. No finishing was necessary inside - clean cuts were good enough as this would be entirely enclosed.


Segmented Christmas decoration

At home any swarf or chippings would be blown out with an airline, but here just picked out with a piece of wood, or blown.

The top was then turned, with a small lip ready to fit tightly inside the segmented bowl that had been created.

Christmas decoration finialThen for the "icicle" finial for the bottom of the piece. A piece of walnut was tapered first, then stepped in a decreasing drip design. The original taper helps to size each step appropriately smaller and smaller.

Segmented Christmas decoration Sadly when Sue came to sand this delicate part it snapped, so we finished with a design change, and a round bauble without an icicle on the end.

A hole had been drilled while the top was still held on the lathe, to allow a piece of knotted string to pass through and act as a holder for the decoration. The finished piece is pictured here to the right.


Graham and Sue HarkerManagement meeting. Apparently Graham offers his critique of the demonstration on the drive home. It wasn't entirely clear if this dissection of the evening's performance was appreciated, or listened to with some forbearance.


Sue Harker woodturning Sue brought along a few of her pieces for display. The Christmas theme continued with a snowman money box, and a turned Christmas cracker.

Sue Harker woodturning Sue Harker woodturning