Ryedale Woodturners


Thursday 8 January 2015

Snainton Woodturning Supplies

Seven club members gave demonstrations and offered hands on opportunities in the second of these practical events, repeating a similar evening last year.

Philip Greenwood

Bowl finial

Philip was offering general advice on anything and everything - mainly related to spindle work. He was demonstrating different techniques and tools - I listened and watched as he used the skew chisel for planing a spindle smooth (with great ease) and for a finishing cut across endgrain.

It looks like the piece in this picture went a bit wobbly!

Graham Harker

Graham Harker

Graham set up a Beall buffing system on a lathe, and demonstrated how he prepares his turned fruit for buffing, and then how the three - wheel system works, with Tripoli wax, White Diamond and Carnauba.

I have heard people describe Graham as an old buffer, but he gave a polished performance on the night.

Graham Harker

Sue Harker

Sue is seen here with John demonstrating her off centre jig for turning pendants (I think). I'm afraid I didn't get round to listening to Sue in any more detail than this.



Some more photographs below. With thanks to Gordon Malan for sending a number of photos which have supplemented those taken by myself. Any others from other club members are welcome.

Graham HarkerDave Lowe

Dave had a wide range of hollowing tools on show, which he demonstrated by hollowing out a couple of vases. The one I watched was from a cedar log. From memory he used a couple of BCT tools, a Sorby Sovereign, a spindle gouge, a Forstner bit, and a thing on a cantilevered arm.


Terry Taylor

Terry Taylor

Terry brought along his bobbin-style toy people, an elephant cake, two niddy noddys, and other examples of the smaller side of woodturning. Amongst other things he was twisting multi-coloured threads on the lathe -he's always good for spinning a yarn!


Chair caningChristine Hadley

Something different - a demonstration of chair caning on a small chair. Christine managed to talk and explain whilst steadily progressing with her split cane and golf tee pegs. Her photo-albums of chairs she has re-caned or rush seated was very impressive.


Pyrography Steve Fearnley

Steve brought along some examples of pyrography (not pornography, Albert!) and talked about his technique for fine detailed work: square section tips filed to a chisel point, and low temperatures (2-3 on the Peter Child machine). Also a look at using a computer word processor to space out text and transfer onto wood ready to burn.

Dave Lowe

Hollow form demonstration with Dave Lowe

Bud vase

Pyrography by Steve Fearnley

Turning toys

Elephant cheesecake turned by Terry Taylor

Bud vase

People by Terry Taylor

Bud vase

Graham and John

Bud vase

A miniature stool, made by Keith Hart, caned by Christine Hadley

Bud vase

Phil, Vince and Phil

Bud vase

Terry's twisted threads