Ryedale Woodturners


At the 2014 AGM, John Whitehead proposed a monthly competition on club demonstration nights, and offered to sponsor a prize. Gordon Malan seconded and volunteered to donate to the prize fund as well.

Competition categories agreed so far are as follows:

  • October 2014 Bowl
  • November 2014 Weed pot / bud vase
  • December 2014 Christmas competition, 3 categories:
    1 Hollow form; 2 Spindle turning; 3 Other
  • January 2015 Candle Holder
  • February 2015 Vase / Hollow form
  • March 2015 Decorated bowl
  • April 2015 Natural edge item

November 2014
A bud vase or weed pot

Bud vases and weed pots

The second competition saw eight weed pots or bud vases, once again varied in style and interpretation.

The pieces were judged at half time by, I think, Graham Harker, Vince Lees and someone else?, using a scoring system based on five categories. (No one has yet passed on the descriptors the descriptors?) The winner was a tall vase with sloping cut-off neck, enhanced by holding a turned tulip, by Keith Hart, who received a £5 woodstore token as a prize. In second place was a vase with painted floral decoration at its base (I didn't catch whose this was, and in third place a plain small vase in yew by Steve Fearnley.

Apologies for the poor quality of the photos this time. The main light was behind the pieces, and I should have put my flash on (I try and avoid direct flash because it whites out a lot of the colour in the wood). Just quick snaps at tea-break. A cloth and a white background board would set the pieces off better.
If anyone has any better photos please email them and I will replace those below.

Bud vase

Natural edge neck

Bud vase

A small vase - oak or walnut?

Bud vase

Second prize, airbrush decoration?

Bud vase

Keith Hart's tall winning piece, together with my shorter yew vase.

Bud vase

Nicely proportioned

Nice grain

Bud vase

Some interesting colouring here