Ryedale Woodturners


At the 2014 AGM, John Whiteley proposed a monthly competition on club demonstration nights, and offered to sponsor a prize. Gordon Malan seconded and volunteered to donate to the prize fund as well.

Competition categories agreed so far are as follows:

  • October 2014 Bowl
  • November 2014 Weed pot / bud vase
  • December 2014 Christmas competition, 3 categories:
    1 Hollow form; 2 Spindle turning; 3 Other
  • January 2015 Candle Holder
  • February 2015 Vase / Hollow form
  • March 2015 Decorated bowl
  • April 2015 Natural edge item
  • May 2015 A coloured item
  • June 2015 An off-centre piece
  • July 2015 A goblet

June 2015
An off-centre piece.

Bud vases and weed pots

The ninth competition saw eight off-centre pieces submitted for judgement, once again varied in style and interpretation.

The winner was a winged square on an integral pedestal, obviously offcentre, and embellished with some shaping and carving. Gordon Malan was its creator.


Off centre woodturning.

Two candlesticks, two bowls

Winged bowl

The winning item

Turned wooden offset bowl

Bowl with coloured rim

Turned wooden Offset candlestick

Wobbly candlestick

Bud vase

Rings turned over rings.